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Vacuum Pump Replacement Parts by Global Vacuum

Vacuum Pump Replacement PartsSince 2002, Global Vacuum Products has earned a reputation as the place to go for vacuum pump replacement parts, kits, and vacuum pump accessories.

And that is no small accomplishment. Vacuum pumps literally keep the world running. Whether it’s a semiconductor fab, a pharmaceutical company researching a new drug, a government laboratory, university, a meat packing plant, or even a vacuum heat treater, vacuum pumps are a critical component in their operation. When a pump needs repair, it is mission-critical. Those whose responsibility it is to repair pumps – whether an in-house maintenance team or a vacuum pump repair shop – need a one-stop place to turn for the right products, engineered to perfection, and delivered on time. And on budget.

That’s where Global Vacuum Products comes in.

Company founder and CEO John Kelly is a mechanical engineer by trade, who brings decades of experience to the table. John’s extensive background on “both sides of the counter” as a marketing representative and sales person, as well as engineer, positions him and his team uniquely to understand the needs of the market and how front-end design can best address these needs.

Global Vacuum Products stays on the cutting edge of the industry evolution. With a presence at industry trade shows and its ongoing research of market needs, people depend on Global Vacuum Products for having the latest inventory ready to go at a moment’s notice.

“We see ourselves as solutions-oriented, not merely order takers. We don’t design, stock and sell ‘me too’ products,” John says. “We understand that every need we fill is potentially urgent and we go that extra mile to accommodate that need.”

Customers count on Global Vacuum Products – for design, delivery and for products built to last. You can count on them too! To learn more about how Global Vacuum Products can help you, please call 516-759-6400.