Global Vacuum Products, since 2002

Global Vacuum Products is a world class company, offering the highest quality vacuum pump replacement parts and kits in the industry. With over 30 years experience in vacuum pump technology, you can trust that our parts will meet or exceed the specifications of the OEM. Quality, Savings, Flexibility, and Superior Customer Service. 

Let us be your first choice for replacement parts, kits, associated vacuum hardware and accessories.

We currently support pumps from Agilent, Alcatel, Busch, Edwards, Galileo, Leybold, Pfeiffer, Stokes, Varian and Welch.

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Vacuum Pump Replacement Part Specials

73001801 Edwards XDS35i Tip Seal and Exhaust Kit - $309.00

73501801 Edwards nXDS6i, nXDS10i, nXDS15i, nXDS20i Tip Seal Kit - $375.00

A250011 Alcatel 2005 2010 2015 2021 Sleeve - $17.95

GVP146 Fomblin Oil - $180.00/kg (while supplies last)

411401D-01 Welch 3/4" Lip Seal Assembly - $34.00

411401E-01 Welch 5/8" Lip Seal Assembly - $34.00

A87941G Alcatel 2033, 1st Stage Vane - $39.00

W411060 Welch 1400 Shaft - $35.10